Greetings from India!

We are well pleased to share the progress of our good works with you as a vision and mission partners so that you can experience how yours gifts blessed others
We are requesting you to share our good works to yours dear beloved once so that they can became a part of this joy of give As we continue to Grow our charity efforts there is an increasing need of Partners and friends to support and encourage the work in various ways .we desire to have a expanded fellowship with individuals, families and charities’
The primary aim of the CHCF is to take care the orphan and needy children We give them food, clothing, Medical care and shelter all the more as a team we give great Hope for the future…. Secondly our strategy is to run varies project for socially and economically underprivileged people groups like poor illiterate, hill tribes, Lepers and orphans
We are going to run Varies projects through those projects we are going to constantly work for the transformation and empowerment of individuals and communities. Through our team efforts the children became a light and salt to their own community Yours truly,